Keeping Your Kids Safe with Phone Spy Software

Is the safety of your children when operating online a concern? Are you worried you can’t keep up with technology? If you are then you are not alone.

With online bullying and grooming by predators a real concern for parents, mSpy com has developed mSpy phone tracker software to help parents keep their children safe.

With the user control panel, accessible from any browser, keeping your kids safe is as simple as having access to the internet. mSpy comes with a variety of subscription plans, 24 hr support and is available in both mSpy Android and mSpy for iphone.


What is mSpy and How Does mSpy Work?

mSpy, when installed on a compatible device, monitors all activity conducted on that telephone or desktop computer. mSpy works in the background of the target device’s operating system recording all call logs, text messages, Internet sites visited and all videos and photos viewed on the device.

If you have jailbreak technology, for mSpy ios, installed, the user can set the update intervals based on their preferences, otherwise, users will receive updates on activity every 24hrs. mSpy can be used to monitor one device per subscription, however, the device monitored can be changed at any time.

Mspy can be installed remotely if the user has iCloud access of the targeted device, however, not all functions are available and it will depend on each individual device as to what feature is available for use.  Android devices cannot have mSpy installed remotely at this stage.


How to Install mSpy on Android and mSpy iPhone

After the purchaser completes the m Spy download, the product is ready for use. The product can be accessed on the target device via the mSpy mobile app installed with the mSpy software download.
With 24hr support available any questions on mSpy how to install can be answered quickly and at your convenience.


What is the mSpy Price to Purchase?

mSpy offers three monitoring packages for phone, starting at $42.99 USD per month for the Basic Package. mSpy also offers a Premium Package, $84.14 USD per month, and the Bundle Kit, $119.99 USD per month.

Each package offers differing levels of mSpy features including monitoring popular apps such as mSpy Whatsapp. You can find further details on all compatible apps and how to use mSpy at m
mSpy also offer a desktop computer monitoring package starting at $42.99 USD per month.


Is it legal?

After purchase, you can complete the mSpy download on any compatible device where legal to do so. mSpy make it clear that it is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure they are acting within the law. In the case of an underage child, it is at the parent’s discretion.

The user of the targeted device, should be made aware that their device is being monitored, however, if you are in doubt about the legality of installing mSpy, then you should consider attaining independent legal advice.

mSpy has made the job of keeping your children safe in the online world a reality. With market leading software, 24hr support and products designed to meet your needs, it’s time to let mSpy partner with you to keep your children safe. For more information on the range of mSpy products please visit

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